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Answers to your questions

A HUGE THANKS to Hammer Nutrition for generously supporting our 2021 Inaugural Ride Around the Rubies: Gravel Ride event as THE Nutritional Sponsor!

Aid Stations - Porta Potties - Water Stops​

  • All of these will be available for riders and volunteers along the route.  Location details will be provided to help you plan. Watch this website for current information and new announcements.

Be Prepared

Gas stations and grocery stores

  • ​There are no grocery stores or gas stations in Lamoille, Nevada.  Nearest gas stops and grocery stores before you reach Lamoille are in Spring Creek,  one at 568 W. Spring Valley Ct. and the other at 282 Spring Creek Parkway.  CHECK THE STORE HOURS!

What do I get for my entry fee?

  • Entry fee includes fully supported ride with well-stocked rest stops at approximate 12-18 mile intervals (water, electrolytes, Hammer Nutrition products, salty/sweet snacks, fruit, portable toilet and hand washing facilities, minor mechanical support). There will be opportunity to ask questions on the evening prior to event – Lamoille School House – wear your mask, we will be wearing ours for everyone’s protection. All participants will receive one Hammer Nutrition Goody Bag, made of 100% recycled product, pre-stuffed with product information, a pouch of Hammer Gel, a single serving of Endurolytes Fiz in 2 different flavors and other items provided by generous contributors.

What road conditions should I expect?

  • Everything from lightly traveled, well maintained paved highway, well compacted dirt, washboards, loose sand-gravel, some areas of well compacted rocky road. There are several significant segments with energy-sucking loose sand-gravel. Corners will likely have choppy washboards on the inside line to loose gravel on the outside line. There may be a couple of water crossings on the segment from Pleasant Valley Road to Lee, and it’s possible that some sections between Secret Pass highway and Lamoille to have water crossings depending on winter snowpack and spring storms. The east side of Harrison Pass (117 mile Ruby Loop) has the steepest downhill grades (up to 10%) on a twisting gravel road with choppy washboards and loose gravel.

How many miles are gravel, pavement?

  • Ruby Loop – 60 miles on gravel, 57 on pavement

  • Secret Pass Loop – 41 miles on gravel, 21 on pavement

  • Lee Loop – 28 miles on gravel, 8 on pavement

  • Pleasant Valley Loop – 20 miles out and back on 12 miles gravel and 8 miles pavement​


What sort of bike is the best choice, and how should it be set up?

  • Bike choice and set-up is a very personal decision, however the best bike for this event will be a dedicated cyclocross or gravel bike with disc brakes, clearance for up to 45-50mm tires. In general, a low-profile tubeless tire will roll the fastest. Anything less than a 35mm tire will result in a lot of bad words and a very long day, which we wish to avoid. Those familiar with the course have ridden most of the gravel described in the event on UCI-legal 32mm cyclocross tires, and it did result in multiple pinch flats, a couple of dented rims, and a rather harsh ride. We have found that a 38mm tubeless setup is faster and easier on the hands and tush.

  • Alternatively, a hard tail or even rigid cross country mountain bike with ~1.5 – 1.9” tires, low profile tread pattern will work well.

  • Don't bring newly mounted tubeless tires that you haven't put a few rides on to ensure that sealant is distributed and working.

Can I use aero bars or extensions?

  • Aero bars and/or extensions will not be allowed.


Will E-bikes be allowed?

  • Class 1 and 3 e-bikes (pedal assist only) are allowed but will not be considered as competitive with regard to timing or awards. E-bike riders will need to be diligent with power management in order to complete the Secret Pass and Ruby loops under electric assist modes.


How long will this take?

  • Skilled, fit riders should be able to complete the short course (36-mile Lee Loop) in 2-3 hours. The 62-mile Secret Pass Loop should be on the order of 4-6 hours, and the 117-mile Ruby Loop in 8-12 hours. A couple of local riders completed the long course in just over 8 hours moving time while training for the Nevada State 508 (which they won in the 2-person category). The twenty-mile distance should take newbie or novice riders approximately 2.5 to 3 hours; fit riders in under 2 hours.

Will there be cutoff times along the course?

  • Yes – Exact times are yet to be determined, but we’re shooting for maximum of 12 hours total time for the full distance (117 mile Ruby Loop), 8 hours for the intermediate distance (62 mile Secret Pass Loop) and 4 hours or less for the shorter (36 mile Lee Loop), and 2.5 to 3 hours, depending on beginner-vs-experienced athletes, for the 20 mile course.

  • The key cutoff time for the Ruby Loop will be approximately 11:00 am at the summit of Harrison Pass. This is essentially a “point of no return” for this ride as once you descend the east side of the pass the “easiest” way out is to finish the loop.

  • The Lee School out and back ride will have an intermediate rest stop at approximately 10 miles from the start, cutoff time to continue toward Lee from this point will be approximately 2 hours after start time.

  • Participants in the two shorter routes (Secret Pass and Lee Loops) can easily turn around at any point. Please check in at the nearest rest stop or with any on-course volunteers if you do this.

  • All riders must check in at the rest stops – we’ll make it easy. We just don’t want to lose anyone in wild Nevada.

What should I carry?

  • Tire repair stuff (pump, CO2 cartridges and inflator, tubes (even with tubeless--yes, I've needed a tube to make it home with tubeless that wouldn't seal), patch kit, tire levers), multi-tool with appropriate allen wrenches for your bike, chain tool, chain quick-links, Madonna di Ghisallo prayer card.

  • Front and rear blinky lights – even though these are lightly traveled roads, the extra visibility provided by a good light is a great enhancement to rider safety.

  • Water – 2 water bottles (and/or a hydration pack)

  • Appropriate clothing – rain shell (not likely but possible – check the forecast)

What weather conditions to expect?

  • Start time temperature is likely to be in the 40-60 degree range, afternoon high probably in the 80’s to mid-90’s. It can be hotter, and it is not unknown to be snowing on the summer solstice. Top of Harrison or Secret Pass at 10 a.m.--60's-80's; Ruby Valley mid-day to early afternoon--80's-90's. Wind is typically out of the SSW, but can be any direction – check National Weather Service or for what are generally reliable short term (1-3 day) forecasts.


What sort of accommodations are in the area?

  • Elko has numerous local and national chain hotels and motels. We will update the lodging, restaurants, and similar pages ASAP to help you plan your visit.

  • Camping is available at the USFS developed campground at Thomas Canyon Campground in scenic Lamoille Canyon--reserve early as this is a small and popular campground. Thomas Canyon campground has potable water, restrooms and a couple of trash dumpsters. There are also a number of dispersed (undeveloped) campsites in the Right Fork Canyon area lower down in Lamoille Canyon. These sites are primitive with no services--please remember to pack your trash, bring your own water and practice good stewardship of our public lands--Leave no Trace. There is also camping at South Fork Reservoir (NV State Park) and limited dispersed camping on Harrison Pass and Soldier Creek (40-60 minute drive-time from Lamoille).

  • There are a number of Airbnb/VRBO accommodations in Elko, Spring Creek and Lamoille area as well. Watch for updates on the Visit Us page.

  • Elko and Spring Creek have multiple grocery stores. Most restaurants are in Elko though there are a couple in Lamoille and Spring Creek.  We can’t “force” everyone to comply with masking but we will identify “mask-friendly” businesses for all visitors.

  • Elko has a small local bike shop with competent, knowledgeable and enthusiastic owner(s) and staff, but it is tiny by comparison to Salt Lake, Reno or Boise shops, so please keep that in mind.

What sort of food will be available during the day in Lamoille?

  • The post-ride meal and beverage (non-alcoholic and microbrews) will be available at the start-finish area about 11 am to 2 pm from the Las Brisas taco truck. Each rider receives lunch and a beverage with their entry. Longer distance riders, who may finish later than 2 pm, can pre-order, and we will have that warm for you when you finish. We’re working with some local caterers to provide other options for purchase, and O’Carroll’s Bar and Grill is just down the street serving sandwiches, burgers, and beer.


We are excited to host you!  Additional questions may be directed to: or 775-397-1922.

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