How to help

We would love to have your help!  Here are some of the opportunities.


On the afternoon and early evening of June 18, 2021, we will need volunteers to help at the Lamoille School House:

  • To help answer questions about the area

  • To answer questions about the starting times, location, support along the course and etc.

  • To help with cleaning and sanitizing areas


We need volunteers ... on June 19, 2021

  • Along the course to hand out water and snacks to athletes at any one of 7 hydration and food stations during the ride.

  • To keep coffee pots full for volunteers

  • To help with cleaning and sanitizing areas

  • Who are comfortable to provide basic help at first aid stations (bandaids, water wash, resting, etc.)

  • Who know how to change or patch a bicycle tire, repair or re-attach a bike chain, and help tighten a screw or adjust something on the bike frame frame for a cyclist.

  • Who will help at the Start and Finish Line(s)

  • Who will encourage all of the riders along the various courses (if you like to whoop it up, this is your day!)

  • Who will work at key locations along the ride route to help with traffic safety, directions and general questions from cyclists and travelers in motorized vehicles.

  • Who have a vehicle (a truck or van) capable of loading up a bike and rider who can not finish the course for any reason.

If you are interested, fill out our volunteer form. We will be in touch.


Thank you!