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COVID-19 Operating Plan 2022

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Elko Sunrise Rotary Club and Ruby Roubaix Event Committee are committed to keeping our participants, crew, and volunteers safe. The information below outlines our COVID-19 operating plan for the 2022 Ruby Roubaix on-site event. The items listed focus on adhering to the national and local rules and regulations related to group gatherings and the aim of mitigating the spread of COVID-19. These items may be updated as safety measures change based on the understanding of the viral risks change and as local health precautions and regulations are updated. The outlined items below are based on the assumption that group gatherings of 300 people will be allowed with proper precautions in place.

In the event that our event committee chooses to cancel the Ruby Roubaix Event in 2022 due to federal or state restrictions around COVID-19, we will give you the option to roll your entry fee over to the 2023 event or will refund your entry fee in full.

In participant communication email, health and safety forms will be sent to all registrants. Those planning to participate will be required to confirm that they are symptom-free, have had no known exposure to COVID-19 in the five days prior, have been following physical distancing guidelines, and agree to follow physical distancing guidelines during the event.

Event Mitigations:

Sufficient supplies of masks and hand sanitizer will be in all group locations including the Lamoille School, start and finish lines, and aid stations for all participants, staff, and volunteers.

Event staff, associated crew, and volunteers will receive COVID-19-specific training based on local guidelines. All event staff, associated crew, and volunteers will be required to adhere to local guidelines based on distancing, sanitation, and general health. Event staff, associated crew, and volunteers will not be allowed to attend the event if they become symptomatic.

Leading up to the event, ride communications will include all necessary information related to COVID-19 rules and regulations. 

During the race meetings at the packet pickup, riders will be reminded of all COVID-19 rules and regulations. Information cards outlining the rules and regulations will be given to each participant with their rider number. Riders will also be reminded of these rules and regulations during the start line briefing. Additionally, rules and regulations will be posted at each aid station. 

If masks are mandated by local governments, when physical proximity of less than six feet is necessary, masks will be available at aid stations, and riders will be required to put on their masks before they come in contact with other riders, event staff, associated crew, and volunteers at aid stations and the expo area. 


United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19 Information and Guidelines

Updated 2/2/2022

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