Race Rules and Ethics

Important Information

All Riders are required to stop by Ruby Roubaix headquarters for packet pickup at the Lamoille School. This will be on Friday, June 18th for all distances; packet pickup may be available for the Lee School courses (20- and 36-mile) on Saturday before the start, ending at 8:00 am. Please plan to be there for the Mandatory Rider Briefing 15 minutes prior to race start times. Race officials will cover pertinent information and answer any last-minute questions.

Packets include all the important items you’ll need in order to participate: your race bib, bike number plate, maps, meal vouchers, and more.

Rider Responsibility

This is a deceptively remote course with generally minimal traffic and no services along the entire route (other than the Jiggs Bar, which won’t likely be open when Ruby Loop riders pass through Jiggs). Cellular service is spotty at best, especially on Harrison Pass, Secret Pass, and all of Ruby Valley. You will pass numerous active cattle and sheep ranches along the way. Most are more than willing to lend a hand to someone in need, however, they spend most of the day tending to the animals, irrigation systems, hay pastures, etc – you may wait a long time for someone to return to the house. You will share the roads with ranch traffic, recreational traffic, and some mine traffic of one of our sponsors (Kinross Bald Mountain Mine between Lee and base of Harrison Pass). You may get to share the road with a cattle drive.

The EVENT SPONSORS, ORGANIZERS, PROMOTERS, STAFF and anyone having anything to do with this event ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SAFETY OR WELL BEING. We cannot stress this strongly enough... YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU!

Each participant is considered to be on a private excursion and remains solely responsible for any accidents in which he or she may be involved. No responsibility can be accepted for participants becoming lost, stranded, injured... or worse.

Be Prepared

Participants will be responsible for printing their own course maps/cue sheets/or downloading the gps files prior to the event. These will be your primary navigational tools. The course will have limited markings and/or rest stops at crucial intersections. Flagging and arrows will be used to mark the routes at unmanned intersections (and the turnaround point for the Secret Pass out-and-back).​​

Do Not rely solely on course markings for navigation. Use the map, cue sheets, and GPS! Participants should load the route into their GPS prior to the event to assist in navigation. If you use your GPS for navigation, be familiar with your specific model – some units only display the route (without the benefit of showing other roads or intersections, and they only squawk at you after you’re 100m off-course) and some only provide turn-by-turn directions through an additional app.

There are a total of 7 support areas at approximate 15 mile intervals on the Ruby Loop where you can get food and water (2 each on the Lee School and Secret Pass Rides). We highly recommend that you carry a minimum of 1 liter of water, electrolytes, gels or bars, basic toolkit, 2 tubes and mini-pump. A hydration-style pack is ideal, though the choice is yours. Our support vehicles will have tubes, maybe a floor pump, and some other basic tools. We’ll also have a few basic repair tools and tubes at rest stops. We will not have capability to reliably seat tubeless tires, nor will we be carrying tire sealant.

Race/Ride Rules

  • Helmets are mandatory. Period.

  • Follow all rules of the road – the race takes place on public roads which will be open to public traffic. While these roads are generally lightly traveled, the section of Jiggs Highway (Ruby Loop) and Harrison Pass will likely have weekend traffic headed to Ruby Marshes. Taillights are highly recommended as an aid to rider visibility. Please minimize time riding 2-abreast on paved sections (especially the Jiggs Highway and Secret Pass sections).

  • Aero/TT handlebars are not permitted, consistent with UCI guidelines for mass start events. Aero/TT/Triathlon style bars are defined as handlebars which allow a rider to rest his/her forearms on the bars above or ahead of the stem. (Mountain bike-style bar extensions allowing multiple hand positions are not considered as aero bars.)

  • No personal vehicles or follow cars allowed on course, exceptions will be granted to pick up riders abandoning the race. Providing support to a rider while on course puts all riders at risk and creates excess dust on the roads.

  • Aid is allowed by fellow riders or event staff only.

  • Class 1 and Class 3 E-bikes (pedal assist/no throttle) are allowed, however, they will not be recognized in race standings. Keep in mind that the Secret Pass and Ruby Loops will require diligent power management in order to complete the rides with electric assist.

  • No littering. This includes water bottles and other non-organic material.

  • Be nice to your fellow racers. Always announce when you are passing and make sure that you are not putting fellow racers at risk especially on the 2-lane highway portions of the routes. There are ample opportunities to pass safely.

  • Use the toilets provided. This is a requirement of our permit.

  • All rides will begin with an escorted, neutral rollout.

  • Start times will be as follows. Ruby Loop – 6:30 am, Secret Pass – 8:00 am, Lee School-Pleasant Valley – 9:00 am. Finish times will be recorded by the event timing crew and posted to BikeReg, RaceDayEvent, and (with luck) our website as soon as they are entered into our ride timing database.

  • Cutoff times will be strictly enforced. This is to ensure your safety and allow for our volunteer crews to more efficiently patrol and sweep the course for medical or mechanical issues. If you choose to keep riding the course after cutoff times, you are solely responsible for your safety, food, water, mechanical issues, or anything else that may arise.​

Be Good and Be a Gravel SHARK (Borrowed from Rebecca's Private Idaho)

S – Safe. Abide by the rules of the road. Share the road. Do not ride 2-abreast on paved portions of the routes. Keep your speed in check. Your safety is YOUR responsibility and OUR Priority.

H – Honest. Handle grievances directly and respectfully with the riders and event organizers involved. Do not assume malice, and be generous with the benefit of the doubt.

A – Accountable. Offer assistance if you come across another rider with a medical emergency or mechanical issue.

R – Responsible. Headphones are discouraged. If you must use them, keep the left earpiece out. Absolutely do not use headphones on the paved sections of the routes – speed limits on these sections varies between 55 and 70 mph and visibility is limited in places. Be prepared; the course is remote. Carry ample food, water, and maintenance supplies.

K – Kind. Respect all riders, race staff and public. Ride as friends and race as individuals. Remember that everyone involved with this race are volunteers – they’ve given up evenings, weekends, days with family and friends to organize this event and ensure that you have a safe, enjoyable ride.

Check Points and Cut-Off Times

All riders must check-in at rest stops, even if they don’t stop. This allows us to ensure that every rider is accounted for.


Cutoff times at rest stop locations are calculated based on the slowest average speed a person who is likely to finish any given route may be traveling and may be adjusted according to conditions during the event (unusually fast or slow riders, heat, cold, wind, storms, etc.).

A rider may choose on his/her own to continue beyond a checkpoint after the cutoff time; however, he/she will no longer be participating in the Ruby Roubaix event and no additional services will be available (rest stops, food, water, restrooms, mechanical aid, sag support, etc.).

Ruby Loop – First time cutoff will be at the Summit of Harrison Pass, a little less than half-way into the race. This is essentially a point of no-return, as the easiest way back to the start is by finishing the route. Cutoff time is 11:30 am (average ride speed 9 mph).

Ruby Loop – Second cutoff will be at Ruby Valley Church at 2:00 pm (average ride speed 9 mph).

Lee School Loop – The only cutoff point will be at the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Chimney Creek Road which is also the turn-around point for the 20-mile ride. Cutoff time is 11:00 am (average rider speed of 5 mph).

Secret Pass Loop – The only cutoff point will be at the intersection of Ft. Halleck Road and Secret Pass Highway. Exact cutoff time will be determined based on progress of the Ruby Loop riders at Ruby Valley Church. It is anticipated that the cutoff time will be between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm (average rider speed of 6 mph or less).  The Secret Pass cutoff time is more lenient due to the fact that the North Ruby Valley and Ft. Halleck aid stations serve both distances. Once the last Ruby Loop rider passes the North Ruby Valley rest stop, the course will be swept and any remaining Secret Pass riders will need to return to Lamoille (it is highly unlikely that any Secret Pass riders will still be outbound at that time).

ALL racers not reaching the check-points by the designated times will have their number marked and radioed in and will be instructed to return directly to the start-finish or to the nearest aid station to get picked-up. There will be NO exceptions to these times.

Ruby Roubaix Schedule

Friday, June 18, 2021

2:00 pm to 7 pm:  Packet pickup at Lamoille School House


Saturday, June 19, 2021--Lamoille School House

6:15 am:  Ruby Loop Pre-Race Briefing

6:30 am:  Ruby Loop Start with Escorted Neutral Rollout

7:45 am:  Secret Pass Ride Pre-Race Briefing

8:00 am:  Secret Pass Start with Escorted Neutral Rollout

8:45 am:  Lee School Ride Pre-Race Briefing

9:00 am:  Lee School and 20-Mile Ride Start with Escorted Neutral Rollout


Awards Ceremonies

3:00 pm--Lamoille School House

Lee School – 1st, 2nd, 3rd place--Men’s and Women’s

Secret Pass - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place--Men’s and Women’s

Ruby Loop - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place--Men’s and Women’s